Donation for orphans from 1 cent per kilometer

Football Dribbling World Record

through Hamburg`s streets, up to 4000 km

This year FC Hamburger Berg wants to break a record again for a good cause.

On the 14.06.2018 direct after the press conference at 11:00 in HEADCRASH (Hamburger Berg 13, 20359 Hamburg) the event starts. We try to dribble a football through all streets from Hamburg. It means to dribble through 7500 streets. There are all in all 4000km.

21 players from Hamburger Berg, organised in 3 groups, will dribble a football through the streets of Hamburg round the clock.

For evidence the groups will have a mobile phone with GPS-Tracking always with them. On our interactive GOOGLE Map you can keep yourself informed of the project's progress. Past dribbling distances are couloured.

Each group is going to dribble the football for 4 hours. After they will pass it on to the next team. Each player is going to run for 4 hours. After a break of exactly eight hours he has to continue.

They are going to dribble all day round until the old record will be broken.

This year we will collect for orphans around the world. The amoung of your donation is performed.

Private persons can donate up to 1 cent per ran kilometer.

Companies can donate up to 5 cent per ran kilometer.

What you get:

License of world record


World record team poster

Registration in WR Map with name, picture and Link

Positive vibes!

After completing the world record, we show on the world record card what your donation has brought about.

Reasonable and performance-based donations!


through Hamburg`s streets, up to 4000 km

This summe, before and during the World Champion Chip in Russia we want to tell a very special fary tale football story

Since the foundation in 2014, FCHB offered 300 Refugees free training, membership, and equipment to play football.

Many people supported us and still do, so that the players of FCHB want to give back what they received, because they are very greatful to evry sponsership.

We already took the World Record "Lomgest football match" (111 hours) to germany.

In June 14th 2018 at 11 am, we are going to collect another world champion ship. To win the world record we have to dribble the ball, for a long distance: 3100km through the streets of Hamburg. In fact we want to dribble the ball up to 4000km.

Der FC Hamburger Berg is building bridges to different countries in the world ans connecting people worldwide. Our players come from 29 different nations and more is coming.

We always connect our world record-attemps to social sponsering. This year we want to collect money for orphan kids.

So if you like to support an join us, with your donation, your name and/or company will be sign on our map.

What you get:

License of world record, proof, that your donation was worth it, Registration with name, picture and positive vibes

Reasonable and performance-based donations!

The 4000 KM World Record Ball

through Hamburg`s streets, up to 4000 km

The 4000-km-distance-through-7500-streets-dribbeled-ball will be auctioned off for a good reason. Der Erlös kommt Waisenkindern weltweit zugute.

THE 4000-KM-WOLRD-RECORD-BALL is the best ball on footballs. It is absolutly special.

It is the tool for breaking a football world record!

He is nice and round and it stands for perfection and elegance.

He`s our all best friend, it`s always with us in good times as well as bad.

He`s accompanying us through rain, sunshine, snowing, storm and thunderstorm all day round.

We will take care of him and he will take care of us. He sychronise our minds and create beauty of sport. We play together we stay together.

He doesn`t know any greed. or hate or anger or corruption.

Nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, age or talent are irrelevant.

The basis on which he rolls is unselfishness, selflessness marked by consideration for others and their thinking and their reasons for their way of acting.

He can fly without wings for a better world.

World record phone for journalists

through Hamburg`s streets, up to 4000 km

The dribblers of FC Hamburger Berg carry mobile phones and are available to listen to questions about radio, television and print media around the clock.

Our players dribble the ball 24 hours a day. According to our calculations, we will have reached the 4000 km mark after two weeks at the earliest - at the latest after three weeks.

The dribblers from FC Hamburger Berg are expected to face many problems, such as lack of sleep for two to three weeks and a lot of physical pain of any kind.

Around the clock, journalists have the opportunity to get an idea of the condition of our dribblers and the chances of success of the world record attempt.

Take this story out into the world for a better tomorrow.

The following phone numbers are available as soon as the dribblers start at around 11am on June 14th:

Dribbel Phone 1: 0178 203 12 53

Our reference:
The longest football match in sport history 1 1 1 hours

We believe we know what we do...

The longest soccer game in history started on Tuesday May 31 at 10:00pm. It ended on Sunday June 5 2016 after 111 hours of playing.

The team FC Hamburger Berg played against the team VFL Wallhalben at the soccer ground Sternschanze 4 in 20357 Hamburg Germany.

Both teams could use 18 players. Every time at least 7 players of both teams as to be on the field. Every team had it's own strategy which one was playing or resting.

There where no rules to apply for. Nobody of the 36 players were allowed to leave the soccer ground at any time. For sleeping rests there have been several tents on the soccer ground.

The game ended with a result of 722:568 for the FC Hamburger Berg. At all there have been 1290 goals.

Official referees:
Ralph Vollmers alias "DRAGO"
Jörg Nagel
Renee Ritter
Timur Dario Beck
Nino Rüdian
Jörn Beuch
Ronny Jenchen
Timo Seibicke
Pascal Mitsching
Justin Paßow
Manon Mau
Justin Herold

Longest football match

Press 1 1 1 hours = World Record

Longest football match in sport history


La partita piú lunga della storia: 111 ore per un nuovo record


VfL Wallhalben and F.C. Hamburger Berg are hoping to set a record


Das längste Fußballspiel der Welt steigt in Hamburg


Ils ont joué pendant 111 heures de suite!


Das längste Fußballspiel der Welt haben FC Hamburger Berg und der VfL Wallhalben absolviert


111 Stunden Fußball: Hamburger stellen neuen Weltrekord auf


Längstes Fußballspiel der Welt endet 722:568


Der 111-Stunden-Weltrekord-Wahnsinn


Geschafft! Hamburgs verrückteste Fußballer knacken Rekordmarke


Hamburger Verein spielt 111 Stunden Fußball


111 Stunden Fußball: Weltrekord geknackt


Weltrekordversuch zum längsten Fußballspiel gestartet


Rekordversuch für das längste Fußballspiel der Welt in Hamburg gestartet


111 Stunden Fußball: Weltrekord geknackt

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